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A Story of Love & Tradition

Catalina Aragon is a family-owned company based in Miami, FL which goal is to deliver the best and most unique jewelry at competitive prices. We believe the jewelry is a very personal item that tells a story and opens a door to give a glance into who the person wearing it really is.

Our master jeweler Anthony Yazbeck, as a teenager, was already experimenting with various noble metals, scared beads and natural materials. He found inspiration and creativity to design and handcraft jewelry that would amaze and dazzle everyone. He soon dived into a deeper study of precious gems and diamonds.

Through the years he kept his love for jewelry design and carried through when his eldest daughter was born by naming her after his beloved stone...Pearly. As Pearly grew she learned to also develop an interest in jewelry which would become a common link with her father.

The time would come where the lineage when Pearly would give birth to the most precious gem of all, her daughter Catalina Aragon. She became to spark to embark into this endeavor to create a company what would become a homage to her loveliness, her soul, her happiness, and her livelihood...The legacy goes on!  

A quest for beauty is indeed a beautiful quest for it leads to love.


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